About Me

Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet. My name is Stacey and I like to share my life and loves with you.

I'm a twenty-something lady with a love of cinema, television and writing, with a particular fixation for horror, mystery and crime. There's nothing I adore more than a puzzle to be solved, whether it is missing diamonds or a multiple murder.

My fascination began at 7 years old when my Grandfather gave me the Zodiac Killer's first letter and asked me if I could solve it. I struggled, and with some help, I decoded the puzzle and there it was: my obsession with the abnormal.

My childhood desires were to be a wife like Morticia Addams, to have a husband like Gomez; to have a home like the Bates home and to experience as much of the macabre as I could.

As a lifelong fan, I hope to shatter the stereotypes of horror as a genre and its fans. We're not weird, demented, violent Goths with poor or lazy taste in films, books and games.